Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's everyone eating?

I'm uninspired for food. What are you all having for breakfast / lunch /dinner tomorrow? And especially, what are you snacking on?


eroswings said...


Fried chicken, grilled pork chops, potato salad, and limeade.

I'm planning on eating oatmeal with brown sugar some time tomorrow.

I'm snacking on raisins and carrots dipped in ranch dressing.

Brice said...

Dinner tonight:
Chickpeas, green peppers, carrots, onions, black beans, baked with a layer of cheese on top.

Ummm, The Kaitress is cooking.... lol

Roxrocks said...

Snacking on fruit and nut mix. I've been oinking out on it for two days! I love a good peach/peanut combo!

Dinner? Who thinks that far ahead?!

Snooze said...

ERos: Leftovers are the best. Did your limeade have vodka in it this time or do you save that for visiting missionaries?

Brice: Is the Kaitress a vegetarian? In any event, sounds yummy.I thought you couldn't do cheese though.

Rox: I wasn't sure when people would comment. I found a miracle snack today at work of wholesome oatmeal with a teaspoonful of Nutella sunk in the middle. oink oink here too.

Susan as herself said...

I've been snacking on raw almonds mixed with dried cranberries. Keep 'em in my desk at work.

For dinner tonight, I am about to make spinach-filled whole wheat tortellini with spicy marinara sauce and fresh grated romano, plus a salad made of romaine, cherry tomatoes, radishes, green onions, yellow peppers, and celery. Ahhhhhhh.

tornwordo said...

Last night was caesar salad and hawaiian pizza. Lunch is tabouli, spinach salad and Nicoise. Breakfast is always cheez whiz on toast.

Stewie said...

I'm all late and whatnot, but last night I had a Totino's pizza.

I <3 Totino's pizza.

Snooze said...

susan, Torn, and Stewie - you have each inspired me. I am eating cheez whiz as a I type this, and Susan and Stewie - I'm off to buy tortellini and pizza dough!

Phronk said...

I'm about to fry up some hash browns for breakfast. Then again for lunch. They're the only food I have left and it's cold out.

I hope this has been inspirational for you.

Snooze said...

Phronk: It has! I love leftover potatoes.

Laverne said...

Stoffer's potato cheese bake. God. I love that stuff.