Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Advice needed

I'm becoming a complete dork. What gaming system should I buy? What are the differences between XBox and Wii?


CoffeeDog said...

Oh I want to know the same things! Hopefully someone will answer you.

Roxrocks said...

I don't know what the differences are but we have a Wii and we love it! The Xbox seems to have more games to choose from but it's not as interactive. When you're Wii-ing, you're moving around a bit more. Also, if you have previous Nintendo systems, you can play those games through your Wii too.

Stewie said...

I have a 360, and I can tell you why I bought it:

The ease of networking it to my PC (so I can play my mp3s from my PC on my 360 - this is nice because my stereo is nicer than my pc speakers).

There are games I like for it, such as Halo, that are only available on the 360.

Having owned a PS2 and Xbox previously, I played the Xbox much more, so I picked the 360 over the PS3.

Now, all that said, I bet you may like the Wii more, as it's more of a "party" console. I don't know how to explain it better than that.

Do you have a Gamestop, or other used game store near you? Many of these places allow you to play games before you buy them. You can go there and check out some games and play them to see what you may like more.

And, this is no way intended to be sexist, but of all my friends that own Wiis, it's because their girlfriends wanted the Wii. Girls like the Wii more than boys. HAHA. That was unintentionally funny.

katrocket said...

I'm a Playstation gal myself. I have a PS2 and PS3, and I love them. I've also played the Xbox (very awesome) and the Wii (at parties!, as Stewie says) and Wii is great fun when you have friends to play with, but really kinda boring when playing alone.

I believe that it all depends on the "titles" that interest you, since all systems have their own roster of available games. many games are available on all platforms, but some games are only available on one specific gaming system. I bought a PS3 because I love driving games, especially Gran Turismo and Formula 1 Championship, and these games can't be played with other systems.

If cost is a factor, the Wii is around $270 CDN, but the Xbox or PS3 will set you back over $400.

Aunty Christ said...

Hey, Snooze. I wanted to say hello, since I've recently stopped not looking at blogs, and only just now found your again. Hello!

Also, my hair stylist loves his Wii. That's all I know. That's not very helpful, but I thought I'd try to stay on topic.

Snooze said...

CD: And they came through for us!

Rox: I kind of like the idea of the moving around bit. My friend lost 5 pounds.

Stewie: Thank you, that's awesome advice and I like the idea of the party game. I do get what you mean. I'm also really really lame at video games. I mean, I still love Tetris and Space Invaders because anything more advanced makes me motion sick.

Kat: Yes, cost is a factor since I'm not that hardcore. Thanks for that. btw - I ADORE you and your love of car racing.

Aunty C.: Yes! I've been so excited to see you blogging again and your blog not blogged. Am just catching up now. I missed your fantastic writing.

eroswings said...

Both are great, but I would hypothetically pick a Wii--because I can never ever buy myself a gaming console due to my gaming addiction.

The Wii is great for parties, but it's still fun to play alone, too. And it costs a lot less than the other gaming systems.

But Stewie has some great tips. Try playing with either console at store, and you'll find which one is better suited for ya.

katrocket said...

Thanks Snooze - you're awesome... I forgot to mention the reason the PS3 is so expensive - it's got a Blu-Ray player built right in, and Xbox has a Blu-Ray component available as an add-on too.

I also wanted to say that I borrowed my aunt's Wii last night after reading your post and I take back what I said about it being boring. ;)

John said...

personally, I'd go for a Wii.

I find it a lot more fun. But I'm not so into shooting games, if you're a first-person shooter kinda gal, I suspect Xbox is the way to go.

Also, if you care about amazing graphics, Xbox is, again, likely the way to go.

But I like the Wii 'cause I can race around in go carts and use the controller like a steering wheel, or I can slalom down a snowy hill standing on this white platform thingy, that kind of stuff. Some of it is the moving around thing - it's more intuitive for me, i have always played video games by doing that, and now it counts for something! But it's also that there are fun non-killing games.

I'm a pretty boring gamer, I want puzzles and races and sports, and maybe adventures.

Oh, and, as people have mentioned, it's much cheaper.

Plus, you have a little character that you build (a Mii) that you can load onto your controler, so if you go to someone else's house, you can still play with your own character. I don't know why I like that, but I do.

And it's for sure fun to play with other folks. Sometimes it's fun to virtually beat up your big brother while boxing. *grin*

mainja said...


That novel above was not actually written by John. If it had been written by John it would have far more technical and sage advice about gaming.

It was written by me - mainja

(my word verification on this is 'hookess' - it's like a name for a princess hooker or something)

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

eeer wouldn't know but both sound fun. Wii's are for pretending to play real games virtually with....have fun!

Snooze said...

Eros: I'm so glad I asked everyone. I always thought the Wii was the most expensive. This is great.

Kat: Bless you for the update on the Wii.

Mainja: That's great info you've provided. Thanks!

WoW: I think I'm leaning Wii-ward

MeHereNow said...

We've got a Wii and 2 PS2s but that's because I've got young children. When looking into which consoles to buy them we realised that these two were more child friendly whereas the PS3 and XBox seemed geared towards the "pro" gamers. The games for PS3 and XBox are much more for adults (ie lots of shooting) than children and that's why we opted for the ones we did. Having said all that I love playing on the Wii too - I've even made my own Mii! The cow racing is hysterical!