Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Six quirks

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These are habits that I would describe as part of my hidden weirdness. As way of explanation, the only drinks in my house are water (via the tap), coffee (from a french press), and liquor. Occasionally there is wine. Oh, and my chocolate rice milk. I'm addicted to that with chocolate protein powder. I also have an assortment of tea bags.

1. I don't drink pop. In fact, I don't use the word 'pop'. I don't say soda either. To me it is MIX. Once in a while in a restaurant I will order a diet Coke, but apart from that, I keep cans of cola, tonic water, and ginger ale for one reason only: to keep my rum, gin, and rye company.

2. I never have milk in the house. Again, I don't drink it. Never have. Once in a while I'll have it on hand if I'm going through some sort of baking phase, but otherwise, I have to remember to go out and get a small carton if I'm having people over. Not that I would ever allow someone to drink a glass of milk in my home, but I forget that people take it in their tea/coffee.

3. Same thing for juice. I don't like having cartons of juice in the fridge or god forbid, a juice pitcher. It takes up too much space. I'd rather take a multivitamin or eat berries in my yogurt. I'm okay though with health food store juices such as cranberry. However, I would throw out cranberry cocktail if that entered my home. I would break up with a guy who drank Sunny D.

4. Most of my long-term boyfriends have not drunk any of the above. I don't know if I could seriously date a pop or milk drinker. For some weird reason it bothers me to watch adults drink these items. My friend's husband had a Coke first thing in the morning and I was horrified. I realize this is my issue. I've also never had to witness a friend ordering milk in a restaurant. Thank goodness because it turns my stomach to watch people drink milk.

5. If I have an issue with people drinking pop, milk, and juice at home, it is ten fold for beer. To me, one does not drink beer at home (unless it's a party). If you have space for a beer fridge hidden out of sight (preferably in a garage or cellar) and somewhere discrete to store the empties (again, a garage comes to mind), then I suppose it's okay. However, I associate beer with going to a pub for a pint, or having a Corona in the backyard. Not coming home and cracking open a cold one. I think this is because my parents never, ever had beer in their house except for guests at parties.
I suppose too that when my parents were young and living in Scotland, bottled beer probably wasn't common. You always went to the pub for what was on tap. I mean, it's not like I have a problem with drinking beer. I'm all for that. But my parents were the cocktail type. And that's what I agree with. You have a hidden liquor cabinet. Booze is not on display. I don't want to see a case in a living area. I don't want to see beer bottles when I open a fridge, and I certainly don't want to see empties lying around. *shudders*

6. Although I'm addicted to coffee I don't own a coffee maker. I don't like filtered coffee and I only like really high powered espresso machines. Besides, I like the social aspect of having to go out for a coffee. I have my french press and that does me fine. It makes a wicked good cup of coffee.


Roxrocks said...

I spit all over my screen when you said you call pop MIX!

I drink milk. I drink coffee. I drink orange juice. I drink water. Tonight I am drinking wine, aka the nectar of the gods. Apparently, I'll drink anything.

eroswings said...

Oooh, I've never heard soda referred to a MIX before. Fascinating!

Hey, I'm not a big milk drink either, but I love cheese and milkshakes! I buy milk when I have guests or need it for cooking, just like you!I can't drink coffee without lots of milk/cream and sugar.

I don't drink that much juice either, but I do buy it for cooking and Sunny D for screwdrivers! Also, any visiting children like juice--minus the alcohol, of course.

tornwordo said...

I'm with you on the milk, though it doesn't bother me if others drink it.

Snooze said...

Rox: See, you don't have weird drink issues. You have a zest for life.

Eros: I love cheese. I always have tons on hand. Oddly enough, I'm fine with yogurt too. I'm really weird about milk but I'm working on it. I hadn't thought of Sunny D in screwdrivers. Perhaps I should give it a second look. With friends' kids I provide yummy kids treats but rely on my friends to bring drinks for their kids. Invariably I buy the wrong type of juice when I try.

Torn: It's odd because when I tell people I'm a vegetarian they think I'll be upset at watching people eat meat. But I'm not in the least. Yet I do have problems with watching people drink milk! Good that you don't.

CoffeeDog said...

Oh you wouldn't date me! I drink milk, and have beer in my refrigerator (shock!)and we have quite of bit of wine on display! Actually I will have a glass of milk just to have it. I use milk to mix w/whey protein after the gym. I try to avoid MIX, sometimes when I am in a resto I'll have it as a treat. Not much for juice though, too many calories. Mrs Coffeedog, she drinks constantly. She always has to have some sort of drinky-poo, like a little child always asks for juice.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I love milk and juice. Not together, though. Curdle-tastic!

You're such a weirdo, but a lovely weirdo. I don't think you'll ever top that "I buy bruised fruit because I feel sorry for it" line in a previous 'weird things' meme.

Snooze said...

CD: Oh Rob was guilty of milk, juice, and a case of beer in the kitchen. I still dated him. Mind you, I never saw him drink milk. But for you, I would make an exception. Funny about Mrs. Coffeedog!

IDV: I am trying to get over my bruised fruit issues. It's true - I am weird. I wish I was less so, but what can you do?

Freak Magnet said...

I think Stewie's hopes and dreams were crushed when he read about the milk. I LOVE my milk. Full fat, too, baby.