Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Lindsey go!

I was out tonight but came home to the Canadian announcer almost having an orgasm over American Lindsey Vonn's ski run. He could not say enough good about it. Not only did she win the gold, but he said it's one of the greatest runs he's even seen (compared it to Franz Klammer's run in 1976). Then they showed the recap - very true. I admired the guts she had in attacking that run and heard her describing the pain in her shin the whole time. Great strength.

I'm glad too that Brian Williams was crediting a fantastic racer and didn't get hung up on nationality as every nation goes a bit overboard at times.

And back in my non-Olympic life where I consider 10 minutes on Wii Fit to be a workout, I have stalled in the packing process. My movers are arriving Monday morning so I'd better get back to it but ugh, I'd rather sleep.


eroswings said...

If you have dressers, leave the stuff in them. The movers will wrap plastic around them and transport them that way.

That was great show from Vonn, esp. when so many of the athletes had some serious crashes!

And I'm impressed that the Swiss have kicked American asses in curling. If only our team had fancy pants like the Norwegians to cushion the blow of losing, again.

Rox said...

I saw an interview with her prior to the run (I haven't seen the run yet though!) and she really was going on about how her shin hurt and the run was bumpy and to me, it seemed like she was making excuses PRIOR to her performance, in case she blew it. Glad to hear it was fabulous though!

Moving. Ugh. I hope it's smooth for you!

Perplexio said...

Barack Obama used to have the same effect on the news anchors @ CNN & MSNBC... Chris Matthews on MSNBC once even mentioned "a warm trickle down his leg" after hearing Obama speak.

Hope the move goes smooth for you.