Friday, February 05, 2010

Not blank! Real words!

I'm not incredibly busy, but I'm constantly busy. Last night I slept a blissful 10 hours and still felt like never getting out of bed. Right now it is a Friday night and I so desperately want to go to bed before 10pm, but instead will clean as my landlady may be showing the apartment tomorrow and I need to clean.

But here's a list of what I've been up to...
1. Planning a wedding. As noted in the comments of the blank post, I'm getting married in May. Never mind that our guest list is small and family only. Never mind that we are low-key. These suckers take time and energy to plan. Still, all fun.

2. Threw a girl-drink drunk party for a friend's birthday. It was a small but drunken crowd. The bf and I served Purple Penises (sickly sweet shooter), lichee martinis, pina coladas, fuzzy navels, velvet hammers, and amarula paralyzers. And then I made everyone do shots of liquid cocaine. I made it to bed and then passed out cold. I can't believe I didn't throw up, especially on that number of sweet drinks. Walking the dog and picking up her poo the next morning at 6:30am was not easy. And then when I passed Starbucks and discovered that they didn't open until seven, I almost cried.

3. Discovering the joys of a slow cooker. Truly it is the most forgiving kitchen tool around. I made lamb shanks with beans and it was delicious [not that I ate it - but those that did loved it] - and so easy!

4. I am almost at the end of Season Three of the The Wire. Truly I love this show.


Kathy said...

I love my slow cooker too! I am posting my healthy slow cooker recipes on my blog. You might fine some that interest you.

-jkg said...


i completely missed that you were getting married. haha. congratulations! jeez. i can be such an unaware self absorbed ass sometimes.

well, i imagine youre busy. but once again, how do i make liquid cocaine?

CoffeeDog said...

Wha? Married? OMG that's great!

Rox said...

You yadda-yadda-yadda'd an upcoming WEDDING?! Are you insane?!

Another good woman down. :o(

HAHAH! I'm kidding! Congratulations!

Dantallion said...

Wow - incredibly cool. Very best wishes!

Snooze said...

Kathy - Oh wow! But no, I really don't give a flying fuck about recipes from someone who seems to have discovered my blog by typing 'slow cooker' into her search engine and trolling for readers for her blog. Besides, I have these amazing things called cookbooks, and they include recipes with some sort of standard behind them. I'll stick with those and you can shove your 'healthy slow cooker' recipes up your ass - should be a nice slow warmth up there.

jkg- No worries - I mentioned it in the comments of my blank post. It's an exciting event in my life, but I'm trying not to make marriage THE event of my life. As for liquid cocaine it's a shooter of gold schlager and jaeger meister [forgive the spelling]. Kind of sickly but I love it.

CD: Can I tell you about the shoes? ;-)

Rox: Yes, but when you wait until you're as old as I am, 'til death do us part isn't as long

Dantallion: And we started going out when he met me in Montreal.

eroswings said...

Who said exercise was bad for you?

Not only did you do your body good, you did it for a good cause and found yourself a significant other!

Congratulations, Snooze!!!



P.S. I also have a slow cooker--and it came with recipes! Luv it!

Stewie said...

Holy fuck, congrats!!

Sorry I've been invisible as of late, and I come back to this.

Really happy for your happiness!

tornwordo said...

Wow, congrats!

Perplexio said...

Small and low-key is great! My wife & I went that route. There were less than 50 people at our wedding (and that included us). We had some close friends in addition to family. We enjoyed it because we actually got to spend a little time with all of our guests.