Friday, February 26, 2010

Chaos reigns supreme

The move is not going well, but much better than my last one. Most of the furniture was moved on Monday, but I am going to my old place tonight and will be spending all week-end packing the final items and cleaning. Ah well, it will all happen.

I do like living with the man though and eventually I have faith that the animals will all get along. Right now my older cat is living on top of my bookcase. She did the same thing when I got the Fur Snake. The dog is way, way too hyper as she adjusts to living with cats and me. Meanwhile, all this move nonsense continues to cut into my valuable Olympic viewing time.


Susan as herself said...

I feel your pain---I despise moving... but in time, it will all settle down. And hopefully it will then be bliss.

Rox said...

I hope my next move is straight into the old folks' home, that's how much I hate moving! That being said, I like moving more than I like listening to the Olympics anymore! I'm done! Over and out.

The four-legged kiddies will settle down. Once they establish who is boss.

eroswings said...

I'm just popping in during a break in short track speed skating to say:

Good luck packing! Now's the perfect time to get rid of those extra things just laying around. Someone else might use them.

I can totally relate to your move interfering with your Olympics viewing time. Work is doing the same thing to me! Only a few more days left then it's all over--the move and the Olympics.

tornwordo said...

No envy here! This is one of those times you just want to wriggle your nose a la Samantha Stevens.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I'm with Tornwordo on this one. Moving is absolutely frightful.
Still, may yours be breakage free!