Sunday, February 07, 2010

They may just be friends

The bf's dog and my cats have been spending more time together. The Fur Snake now retreats to the bedroom windowsill when the dog is over and hisses from up high. If not on the windowsill, then she crawls under the bed and hisses and spits from down there. The dog goes nowhere near her (smart dog).

However, my older cat is now choosing to stay curled up on the cushions at the end of my bed. She used to run and hide behind my bed, but she now stays still, purring away even when the dog jumps up on the bed near her. Usually the dog is too intimidated to approach, but the last time, the dog reached out and tentatively licked Tasha's side. I'm sure Tasha was horrified as her cat tongue is barbed and dry - such a good grooming tool - as opposed to the slick tongue on the dog. Yet she didn't move right away. She only moved on when the dog in her exuberance whacked Tasha with her ever-wagging tail.

I'm cautiously optimistic that our blended species family will be okay. At least we are reaching a point where the merged home will not be a chaotic cat/dog battleground.


eroswings said...

Sounds like things might work out with the animals!

I'm not surprised your psychotic cat is anti-social. That is a smart dog staying away from the crazy cat.

tornwordo said...

It takes one swipe to the nose and the dog will steer clear of the cats.

CoffeeDog said...

Dogs and cats will sort it out, they always do

Susan as herself said...

We always had dogs and cats together when I was a kid. They do work it out betweene them, and sometimes they just ignore each other. But othertimes they can become buddies. Always fun to watch.

Rox said...

My dog and cat vascillate between being buddies and enemies. It's fun to watch sometimes!