Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's the year of the Tiger. I'm not sure what that means except that I ate a heck of a lot of food and am discovering so many Chinese dishes. Growing up I thought that authentic Chinese food was the Pupu platter at the local Chinese/Canadian restaurant. Now I crave coconut bread and live for the fungus/tofu platter. I am not very adept with chopsticks, but I muddle my way through. My next challenge will be to learn basic mandarin. At least to say please/thank you/more food.

One snack that was new to me at my in-laws house were smoked watermelon seeds. The hell? I am used to just spitting them out from watermelon, but indeed there is a tiny nutcracker you can use to split the husks apart and get out the seeds. Coolest thing ever, but too much work for me. I'm more a pass-me-the-noodle-bowl-and-stand-back type of girl. However, my nieces (who were invited for New Year's along with my sis) LOVED the seeds. I had to sit and shell them endlessly for them. Until I got bored with that. Then my youngest niece figured out how to shell the seeds all by herself. I was quite impressed. That girl is like me - will learn anything for food.

Right now I am packing and watching the Olympics. I'm watching NBC as the Canadian channel is broadcasting the hockey game at present and I'm not in the mood for that. Too bad snowboarding is not on right now, but I'm getting a kick out of figure skating. I don't actually care much for it, but I do like the drama.

Am also having panic attacks about one person for life type thing. I love C., but I love cock too.


Matt Swift said...

"one person for life" isn't as scary as it sounds. It can also protect you, as you're no longer on the hunt. The hunt, while quite enjoyable, can also hurt when feelings get misunderstood.
Besides, everyone makes mistakes and that can include you too.

Having dinner before Xmas was the happiest i've seen you in years.

Oh yeah - the point of this post: Umm, yeah, chinese food is good.

CoffeeDog said...

One person for life, you love cock...well doesn't he have a cock? tee hee

The seed thing had me laughing, spitting the out is right, those were meant to be discarded.

Ponita in Real Life said...

I'm on the hunt... I am tired of being on the hunt... I'd rather like the 'one person for life' thing right about now! It's okay to be a bit scared... but you love him and it'll be fine.

Watermelon seeds? I don't even like watermelon... never knew you'd do anything with the seeds. Now, pumpkin seeds... I have a killer recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds. :-)

Rox said...

I've had the whole "One cock for life" thing for over 20 years and I gotta say, ain't no cock like the familiar cock!

I worked in a Chinese restaurant when I was younger and can barely ever eat the stuff now.

Susan as herself said...

I love Chinese food... and like you, never had the real stuff until I moved away from home... in fact, we used to go over the border into Quebec to a Chinese joint. Then I moved to NYC and it was a world of difference.

I think you will be happy with the big move. Being a bit nervous is par for the course. YAY!!!!

eroswings said...

All I can say is I love Chinese food, too, esp. the sesame chicken! And I'm a big fan of free food!

Snooze said...

Matt: I have no problem with being with C for life. I want him as my family. I just sometimes wonder if the sexual monogamy part is for me.

CD: Good point. He has a very nice one.

Ponita: You don't like watermelon? Really? I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't like watermelon. I'm kind of in shock now.

Rox: Chinese food is now just food for me. I love specific dishes and not others. Just like me loving spaghetti but not veal parmesan

Susan: Oh I can imagine the feasts in NYC

Eros: Sesame chicken is good. I love snowpea shoots and green beans with garlic.

eroswings said...

I'm going to shock you again then. I'm with Ponita. I don't like watermelons. They just seem blah, to me.

tornwordo said...

You mean he won't let you have other cocks from time to time? Not right away of course. Maybe down the road? I mean, we were having this discussion today in class and most of us agreed that our base nature isn't really to be monogamous, but it has become institutionalized-probably out of past necessity.