Monday, June 21, 2010

Coffee, step aside

There's a new addiction now. FIFA! FIFA! FIFA!

I'm watching Portugal right now play North Korea and it's pouring. Poor players - I mean, everything is soaked. I am kind of cheering for North Korea as they are the completely hidden team, but I also adore Portugal and they just scored, so yay Portugal! Toronto's streets will be going wild. Its not raining here.

This has been such a tournament of surprises. Apart from Brazil and Argentina which remain as powerhouses, so many top ranked teams have had surprising losses or nothing more than draws with teams that weren't expected to do much. England may not advance, Italy can't seem to score, the Spanish team lost to Switzerland - all making for an extremely exciting football tournament (Yes, football - not talking about north amercan football here).

And on the topic of drama, the French team is off the rails. One of the top strikers sent home for refusing to apologize after telling he coach, "Va te faire enculer sale fils de pute". Then the rest of the team refusing to leave the team bus for a training session as a protest. This is crazy. Not only is France not playing well, but this whole extra dimension is making for opera-level excitement.

USA is playing surprisingly well, but I can't stand their uniforms (as pictured above). I think it's meant to be historical or something but they look like Miss America contestants. I would get behind the look if they came out for one game in Speedos and the next in evening gowns, but as it is, the look is laughable. Perhaps they will at least ask for world peace during half time.

Anyhow, due to the G8/G20 chaos I'll be working from home Thursday/Friday so I'll have my laptop in front of me and the tv on in the background. Bliss! Alas, now I am off to the office where my FIFA viewing is limited to once in a while Internet updates.


eroswings said...


At the very least, we should at least win Miss Congeniality!

eroswings said...

We just kicked Algeria's a$$ and won our group! Those cheating bastards!!! We should've won by 2 goals to nothing! But in the end, we scored the winning goal in overtime and creamed those cheating Algerian rats!


Snooze said...

Eros: I admit - Donovan's goal was beautiful, and the officiating sucked, but his post-game interview made me barf. He started off so well crediting the team and then was amazingly gracious in not complaining about the disallowed goal... but then... "we embody what Americans are all about" - never giving up, blah, blah, blah. At that point he completely lost me and I'll be cheering for Ghana today.

[this is also why I cheered team USA in Olympic hockey and was sad when my own country won - the rhetoric of the Canadian team makes me vomit as well. Besides, I like Brian Burke]