Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life going on

How did I end up married to a milk drinker? We are going through 4 litres of milk a week. Yeesh! Still, I almost never see him drinking the stuff so life is good and we are still in a honeymoon phase.

Apart from that the city is going mental preparing for the G8/G20. Right now they are removing all the saplings from the security zone. Police are worried that protesters will use those poor little trees as weapons. I'm okay if it's some sort of 'save our trees' effort - as long as they are just housing the saplings for the duration of the summit and bring them back. I hope they don't just kill the little guys. Poor little trees. Victims of globalization.

Other summit news involves news stories freaking out about the fact that they are building a $57,000 fake lake in the news building. However, I think it's fabulous! I mean, the reporters in Toronto won't be able to run around and visit the beautiful lakes of northern Ontario, so why not a fake setting? It's called event planning and I think it's marvellous. No really - I do. Besides, I don't care if 57,000 is going towards a reporter pavillion. I do resent the insanely massive cost of security at the summit, but one fake lake? Bring it on! I hope the reporters can at least wade in it.

But of course the bean counters that make up much of the population are complaining that it's not a real lake. Please. As if the reporters are going to be able to work dockside in a secure zone at a lake in cottage country. Also, what the hell else would we do with $57,000? Yes, it's a huge amount for most of us, but really, for hosting an international press corps, the cost of the lake is not a big deal. And I'm sure it will be spectacular. It's not even like $57,000 would keep the local food bank running for that long.

And now, I must return to ironing my husband's clothes like the good little wife I am. And finishing the nice bottle of wine from his collection.


Me, as Myself said...

Four liters a week! Eee gads.

Wait. I am actually not sure how much that is---is it like four quarts? Because that's a lot.


eroswings said...

Milk does a body good!

Not that I drink it either. I buy it when I have guests over or need it for a recipe.

I bet your commute to work is going to be crazy once the nutcases from all over the world flood your city to protest and pillage and try to put themselves on tv.

Domestic life sounds like bliss for you right now. Don't forget to have dinner all nice and warm for when your husband gets home. I'm sure he'll repay you with a nice foot massage.

tornwordo said...

Doesn't he know milk is for babies? And could you teach Serge how to be a good little wife? I have to beg to get my shirts ironed.

CoffeeDog said...

Love milk! Love Wine!

Rox said...

When our kids were small, we used to go through 16 litres of milk in two weeks. It would have been cheaper to buy a cow.

You iron?! Man, I remember when I was a shiny new wife and I ironed. You'll get over it. LOL!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

What the hells are you doing blogging? Get back to the kitchen sink!

Seriously, I love the idea of an indoor lake, too. I wonder if SP will let me have one?

Snooze said...

Me: It is indeed 4 US quarts.

Eros: Those were the only times I had milk too. Now though I do take it in my cereal.
I am so upset about the idea of protesters who come to just cause chaos as opposed to valid peaceful protesters with something to say. Although maybe that will be my excuse to just stay in and hunker down with TM.

Torn: I didn't attempt proper shirts - but I did t-shirts and shorts(which both looked nicer with a bit of ironing)

CD: Wine! I do like wine.

Rox: 16 litres??? I can't even imagine. And I am trying to be cleaner/neater in general

IDV: Sorry for the delay in replying - I was busy making pie and then scrubbing the oven. I do think that you should get a lake! That would be awesome.