Thursday, June 03, 2010

Slowly returning to normal

Last night I was so tired that I fell asleep in my work clothes. Woke up that way as well. The deep sleep helped though - I feel back to myself today.

As I noted, the wedding went well. Very well. It was the perfect size and style for us, but that doesn't mean it was not without its problems. I think this is why I avoided blogging for the past month or so. I didn't want to write endlessly about the wedding, and I didn't want to complain especially when at the end of the day, the man (TM) and I had nothing but love and support from everyone. That doesn't mean that people (including me) didn't from time to time descend into insanity during the planning process, but over-all, the people were great.

However, the following gave me great lessons in meditation and stress control...

Event #1: three weeks before the wedding (when TM and I were already behind on what we needed to get done) our toilet broke and flooded our condo. Luckily TM was home so he shut the water off right away thus saving all of our possessions. However, even in the short time that the water was spurting out of the broken pipe, it managed to destroy our upstairs floor, seep through the downstairs bathroom ceiling, and spread its joy under our downstairs flooring. We had thought that we had caught it in time, but when the insurance adjuster arrived that night, he told us that we had to leave for four days while people came in, packed our stuff, ripped up all the floorboards, and installed huge dryers. When I burst into tears, the guy said that they could wait until morning.

So, I was off to my parents' place with the cats, TM went off to his parents' place with the dog, and we spent the next four days apart and with no way to really continue with wedding progress. In the grand scheme of things the flood was not a big deal. The insurance people did a great job and were able to rip up everything while leaving most of our stuff intact. TM and I both had places to stay at. We had enough spare cash to tide us over for meals, etc. when suddenly having to uproot - we saved receipts and will claim them later, but at least we didn't have to worry about getting cash upfront. Also, a flood is never great timing. Yes, it was at a time when we had to kick into high gear for the wedding, but at least it wasn't mid-winter!

Event #2: That moronic volcano in Iceland. My aunt and cousin were flying from Scotland and their original flight was cancelled. TM's sister and her wife were also flying over from Europe and their flights were in question as well. It all worked out, but it wasn't until the last few days that we knew our nearest and dearest would make it.

Event #3: Aunt Flo arrived during the rehearsal dinner. In a big way. Again, what can you do? In my case, grab the Diva cup and then grab another glass of wine.

Other little things happened along the way. TM had stayed up late the night before the wedding loading music onto his Ipod, but then forgot it in our hotel. But again, not worth stressing over. We didn't have a first dance and I didn't have a dance with my father, but it wasn't necessary. There was no specific dance area set up so no one noted anything was missing. As for TM and I - we were having too much fun already. In fact, he really showed his strength in helping me through all the stress of wedding planning.


eroswings said...

Wow! Those are some serious challenges you both overcame in order to accomplish your wonderful wedding.

Event 1: That sucks. But at least you had the insurance and they do a very nice job of fixing everything. It's like everything was made new for your new life a married couple.

Event 2: Nature sucks sometimes, esp. when it's a force of nature that's a danger to you in some way or form. Glad to hear it all worked out. I'm sure if they had sacrificed Bjork into that volcano, there wouldn't have been an eruption in the first place.

Event 3: Ewwww...and Gross...

It's a good thing I'm not really a red wine fanatic, because every time I'll look at a glass of red wine, I shall think of your cup overflowing...

Congratulations on your wedding, Snooze! It's fantastic that these challenges have really made you aware of just how perfect and well matched you two are together. Much happiness to your union!

tornwordo said...

I remember the blender. We didn't dance either but I did carry Serge across the threshold. You?

The flood sounds horrible. At least you were home when it happened cuz it could have been so much worse.

Rox said...

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% in how you deal with it.

Judging by how you both rolled with all of the challenges leading up to your big day, I predict that you two will have a long and happy life together.

Me, as Myself said...

I cannot believe how calmly and smoothly you handled the obstacles during a time of great stress. WOW!!!

And congratulations---I wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and prosperity!