Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Living with a doggy

As everyone predicted, my little zoo is happy now. The cats and the dog all have figured out how to share space. I would say that over-all I am still a cat person, but I do completely adore our dog, and I see how people get so addicted to the instant feedback and enthusiasm that dogs give.

I am the morning dog walker as TM is not a morning person. Each morning the dog and I do a circle route: we leave the condo, go around the corner to Starbucks where I tie her outside and go in and get a double espresso, and then we continue on to the nearby parkette where she has her morning poop and pee.

This morning however, I was not fully awake, and neither was the dog. I was chatting on my cell phone with a friend (before 7am, but she has a toddler so I knew she'd be up) and as I was telling her that I had to go and walk the dog, I realized that I had my espresso cup in hand, the leash, was opening the door to outside - but there was no dog. That would have been an interesting walk. It's odd because I really wasn't cognizant of the fact that Zoe was missing. I knew that something was wrong, but it was only as I was stepping out the door that I realized that I was carrying an empty leash. I do love our morning walks together though. It's a nice way to start the day, although I did also enjoy my routine with the cats which was to let them outside first thing in the morning to have a morning run.

I think that over-all though there aren't many differences between having cats or dogs. They both need a ton of love and attention. Also, for everyone who thinks cats are moody - try living with Zoe. She is a constant source of love, but if she thinks that she has suffered on the attention scale (ie I spend too much time cuddling the cats), she pees on our bed. There's no point in getting mad at her as we never catch her in the act. It's more that at night we'll be getting into bed and realize that the sheets are damp. It doesn't happen often so we tend to laugh about our moody little dog. That and as I type this I am getting every toy thrown at me. Bear is her favourite - she stands there squeaking Bear until I pay attention to her. Honestly, between Zoe and the Fur Snake, I'm not sure who the bigger attention suck is.


Rox said...

OMG I'm living the same life! Kamir is less needy than Taz, but he's really verbal and I've learned what he wants when he's yowling. Taz has that whole "look at me!" thing going on so there's no ignoring him. I wouldn't trade them for anything though!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Moom's the same, too. Me and SP can't show any affection to each other as she has decreed that all love and attention is for her, and her alone. If we try to sneak a hug in the kitchen and she's in the living room, she'll know and come rushing in to try and insinuate herself between us.

I'm glad your small menagerie are all getting along.

eroswings said...

Sounds like domestic life agrees with you. That's great you've got a walking partner in the morning as you stroll on down the street for your coffee.

That's too funny how much like spoiled children pets can be sometimes. It just goes to show that they have feelings, too.

Snooze said...

Rox: It's impossible to ignore them. I admire that.

IDV: omg, that's so cute about Mooms. Do you at least lock her out of the bedroom?

Eros: It's funny you say 'spoiled children' because it's true that TM and I have failed at being the alpha dog. Zoe and Fur rule!